November 11, 2013

Ideas I Wish I had Two Years Ago - Crowdtilt

My technical cofounder James came to me with an idea tonight. “Remember when I was planning the bachelor party for Steve?” He recounted the difficulty of putting together all the elements of the event whilst ensuring that everyone would pay their fair share.

What if an organizer could plan an event and participants could fund it online in advance. The money would be held in escrow until there were enough people going to make it possible, so nobody would be burned for signing up first.

I agreed that we had something interesting, and we began discussing the upsides and downsides of an online platform. I raised the concern that having too much info available on the early stages of an event might hamper its ability to get backers, but we agreed that for many events it would be a very successful method of raising funds.

So we Googled. We came across planapple and TravelStormer before a cursory “kickstarter for events” search turned up crowdtilt. And while James wasn’t entirely surprised as I read off a nearly word for word description of his idea, it was still a slight letdown to know he’d been beaten to the punch.

So here’s to crowdtilt. A great idea, if only we’d had it first.